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Shortco reels and short form video content creation

Post Weekly Short Form Videos for your Business starting at $99/month.

  • No more extra effort from your side. Forget recording, writing scripts or creating more content.
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  • No contracts or commitments, no tedious processes, no huge fees, no hidden prices.

No time or can’t record videos for your Company? No problem. Shortco is here to help.

Short Form Videos Content is seen 5 times more on average.

shortco video content
Stay ahead of your competitors

Shortco is your new Short-Form Video Partner!

The world is evolving and there are a lot of new ways to communicate. Short-Form Video Content is one of the most popular ones.

We know that you want to keep up with the latest trends in Social Media and that’s why we are here to help you. We create and post Short Form Videos to your Social Media Channels.

Why Shortco?

Completely Done-For-You

Reels creation for businesses

We create High Quality Short Form Videos...

No need for you to record videos. It takes you only 5 minutes a week. Custom Calendar created for you.


Made by short video experts.

Our team is highly trained and will identify the key parts of your content that have the potential to become viral short videos.


Plans that adapt to every need.

Forget huge fees, complex contracts, hidden prices and weekly calls. With us you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at anytime.


You just approve, we take care of the rest.​

It will only take you 5 minutes! Our process is designed to simplify your life and get you the best possible results to grow your social media.


Feedback and ideas? We got that too!

You have all the control. We love to hear from you! Feel free to submit your feedback and ideas you have.


Personalized and unique videos for your channels.

Gone are the days of spending hours editing videos and finding the perfect background music.


For every Social Media platform

We have the perfect solution for creating engaging content for your social media channels.


Why you Should Work with Shortco

– Plans that adapt to every need. Don’t have a huge budget? No worries, we work with small and mid-sized Businesses.

– Get started in less than 10 minutes. Get in touch, fill the form and get your sample video in 24 hours.

– Professional Short-Form Video Team. We have trained video editors, managers and designers specifically for your Short Form Video Content.

– We are not your “Typical” agency. Forget contracts, huge fees, weekly meetings or hidden prices.

We work with every type of Busineses!

Increase your Social Media presence, get more engagement and grow your brand with our premium Short-Form video creation services.

Local Businesses

Short Form video content can boost local businesses by enhancing visibility and engagement. Leveraging platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, short form content increases brand awareness and reach, potentially driving sales.

Reels and shorts for local businesses

Softwares Companies

Short form video content can benefit software companies by showcasing features and updates in a digestible and engaging format. They humanize the brand, simplify complex ideas, and boost user engagement and conversion.

Reels for real estate companies

Real Estate Companies

Short Form Video Content offers real estate companies a dynamic way to showcase properties. These engaging, short videos highlight unique selling points, educate your audience, and deliver market insights to your followers.

Reels for any business

Every type of Business!

Short Form Video Content is easily consumable, gets more engagement in Social Media, fosters stronger customer relationships, and leverages algorithmic favorability for broader reach and potential sales growth.

Reels for local businesses

Want to See Some Examples?

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Designed to make your life easier

Say Goodbye to huge fees and large contracts. Get started in less than 10 minutes. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

1) Get your Free Short Video

Get in touch with us, fill the form and get your Free Short Form video so you can check the quality of the work we deliver.

2) Review and Approve

What do you think about it? Review the Short form video and post it to your Social Media sites

3) Monthly Process

Once you are ready to start working, we'll get the access to your raw material and will send your videos monthly.

4) Stay on Control

If you have any question, feedback for the content, etc. You can just let us know. Our 24/7 support team is to help.

What are you waiting for? Don't miss this opportunity and start the Social Media Presence of your Business today!

Reels, Shorts and Tiktoks are the future of social media. Join the thousands of people who have harnessed this trend to grow their following and engage their audience.

Are you an Agency or Creator?

Awesome! We would love to partner with you!

For Creators

You probably have a ton of raw content and videos you have recorded in the past. Send us everything and we’ll create Short videos you can post on Instagram, Youtube Shorts, Facebook and Tiktok.

For Agencies

Do you have an agency that needs to create Short Form videos for your clients?

Outsorce the Short Form video creation and get the best and highest quality work for your clients.