How to Repurpose Youtube videos into Short Form Video Content

How to Repurpose Youtube videos into Short Form Video Content

Increase your market value by repurposing Youtube videos into Youtube shorts.

Your hard work is done once you prepare your Youtube video. Make some smart moves by converting your Youtube video into short form content. Did you know short form videos like Youtube shorts, Tiktok, and many others are getting more popular than  long videos? Here you’ll see the easy method of Youtube repurposing into short form video content. But before that, let’s remind some reasons why Youtube video repurposing is beneficial.


Top 6 Benefits of Youtube Video Repurposing

Cutting down your efforts by converting a lengthy Youtube video into short form content is like a gift. Youtubers are taking huge benefits, and some of them are:


  1. It helps in reaching a new audience faster.
  2. Repurposing keeps your audience engaged.
  3. It saves effort, time, and money.
  4. A short video is the best way to show off your expertise.
  5. Great way to get more leads.
  6. Youtube video repurposing is a great way to increase your audience.


There are many other benefits of Youtube video repurposing, like its a way to keep engaging your audience on social media. You can share your short video on Facebook reels, Facebook page, Facebook groups, Instagram stories, Youtube shorts, Linkedin, Twitter, IG reels, and Tiktok. There are multiple methods to create youtube videos to reels and Youtube short videos. In this article, We’re going to share with you the easiest way of repurposing Youtube videos.


How to Repurpose Youtube Videos into Short Form Content

You can repurpose Youtube videos in 4 ways. These are text, graphical, audio, and video. Let’s deliver your lengthy video in short form by converting it into 5 other pieces of content.


Key Moments of Video

You’ve described all the features of your topic in the video. Add an intro and features, and cut down the details. It will be a great Youtube short video that will attract your audience and make them interested in the details about the features you have shared in the Youtube shorts.


You can prepare it by editing with your tool or using the Youtube shorts editor, which allows you to edit your video for Youtube shorts. If it’s easy for you to prepare a graphical video of these key features, then make one and share it on Linkedin.


Make Carousels of Your Video

If you’re giving away some great tips in your video, make Carousels and share it on your Instagram. Carousels are a great way to get more users on Instagram, and users revisit the information later.


Long Video to Video Ad

Making a short video specifically for advertisement will be a significant step. Add a little intro or summary from your video and cut all the other parts of the video! You can share it on IG reels and Tiktok. Users will redirect to your channel to get updated with your content. More on, it helps in branding. A short form video is a way to introduce an audience to your brand.


Short Form Video with Pre-Rolls

Pre-Rolls are a mixture of Youtube repurposing.

Short form videos are helpful for many other purposes and are particularly significant for us as pre-roll ads. These ads display before, during, or even after viewers watch content on some of their favorite platforms.

For example, on Youtube, a 15 or 20 seconds video can be used as a non-skippable video ad – while a 6 second video can be used as a bumper ad.


Video Teaser for Youtube Shorts IG Reels and Tiktok


Prepare video teasers and draw more traffic to your videos. Display these teasers on your Youtube shorts, including IG reels and Tiktok. Think of this like your ‘movie trailer’, briefly summarizing what will be inside your video. It will inspire your followers to go and watch the complete video.

If you’re uncomfortable with complex video software, try it with the InShot video editing tool. It is an excellent beginner-friendly video tool to bring your clips to life.

Once you prepare your short form content, set a planner to schedule your content across multiple platforms and make the maximum impact.


Create Suspense with Short Videos

You’re providing a solution or prepared a complete guide in your youtube video. You can repurpose a Youtube video by giving half of the solution in Youtube short videos. Cut down the final key steps that force your audience to go through your complete video and watch it out. Once you have prepared a long video for Youtube shorts, it’s time to publish it on IG reels, Tiktok, Facebook reels, and Facebook pages and groups to entice the audience from all the social platforms.


Short Videos For Sales

Are you representing a renowned brand by unpacking their new products? Whether it’s a new brand or a famous one. You can cut down the details, remove your audio and present all the unpacking steps in your short form video. There is no need to create any makreting style content or call to action to insist they buy this product. A short form video attracts serious buyers to get more details about the product. IG reels and Tiktok are one of the potential platforms to place short videos to increase sales.


There are ways of repurposing Youtube videos into Youtube shorts. Each niche has different specs and can create different types of shorts. For example, a company can prepare a short form of content of their past event videos just for promotion and keep audience interaction.


Old is Gold

Do you have a new page on a social platform? Repurposing Youtube old videos into short form content is the best way to produce content for the new page. You know what content was liked by your audience, and now what could be the most engaging content.


Users are getting more engaged with short form content. Even for a Youtuber, it is pretty hard to create long and short videos to keep the audience engaged on each platform. Youtube repurposing videos is quite an efficient way to stay tuned with your current audience and reach your new audience faster.


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